Current Live Band:

Nelsen Adelard: Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Organ, Harmonica, Piano, Trombone

Jon Puhl: Guitar, Background Vocals (Voodou By You)

Mick Donner: Bass, Background Vocals (Voodou By You)

Phil Christman: Drums, Background Vocals (Voodou By You)

Past and Studio Musicians:

Mikey Mo - Lead Guitar (Unplugged, South By Southwest)

John Duzik: Bass (Take Me Back, Jack of All Trades, Unplugged, Blues Still Got A Hold On Me, South By Southwest)

Ben Beckley: Drums (Take Me Back, Unplugged, South By Southwest)

Steve Gabil: Lead Guitar (Take Me Back)

Mark Norris: Sax (Take Me Back, South By Southwest, Voodou By You)

Jerry Wolfe: Trombone (Take Me Back)

Andrew Shreve: Drums (Jack of All Trades)

Guy Forsyth: Slide Guitar (Jack of All Trades)

Johnny Moeller: Guitar (Jack of All Trades)

Tom Adcock: Sax (Jack of All Trades)

Marc Nelpovich: Drums (Jack of All Trades)

Gary Primich: Harmonica (Jack of All Trades)

Nick De Gaulejac: Drums (Blues Still Got A Hold On Me)

Rick Arbuckle: Sax (Blues Still Got A Hold On Me)

Michael Monarch: Keyboards, Slide Guitar (Blues Still Got A Hold On Me)

James Slaughter: Bass (South By Southwest)

Greg Worley: Drums (South By Southwest)